ANIMO, flute and piano duo

ANIMO, flute and piano duo are Sarah Waycott on flute and Yanna Zissiadou on piano. Sarah and Yanna have the same approach to making music: to play soulful, innovative and challenging music that is free of labels and is to be enjoyed for what it is: ‘just music’.

Launched in 2019 at Gloucester Blackfriars, Animo, flute and piano duo has few strands to its brand:

Their driving force, ‘New Music Project’ - commissioning new works 2019-2025 and forging new collaborations with 4-5 composers annually. 

Their philosophy, ‘Animo Declassified’ - taking down barriers and making music accessible to all, without labels.

Working with other artists:  KORES Trio with Wendy Nieper; FOUR with Wendy Nieper and Jemima Phillips; PRANASA with Supriya Nagarajan.

A continuous development through audio and video recordings (currently working on releasing 'ANIMO two') with an active Social Media and YouTube profile. 

A music lifeline for friends and family during the pandemic ‘Tuesday live at 12:45’ which led to a  final full-scale concert on Crowdcast hosted by Coach House Pianos at the Bösendorfer Hall in London.

Animo are currently working on a transatlantic project to create a new Short film and a Music Video based on ‘The Journey of Alan Kurdi’ by Lukas Piel which brings together the social and ethical strand of Animo’s work.