ANIMO, flute and piano duo

ANIMO, flute and piano duo are Sarah Waycott on flute and Yanna Zissiadou on piano. Sarah and Yanna have the same approach to making music: to play soulful, innovative and challenging music that is free of labels and is to be enjoyed for what it is: ‘just music’.

Supriya Nagarajan - MANASAMITRA

Manasamitra is an artist-led organisation based in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, delivering a range of exciting and original cross-cultural experiences. Our work is rooted in the creative vision of Supriya Nagarajan, a classically-trained Carnatic singer who is inspired by not only the traditions of her South Asian roots but also by a drive to work with new ideas, forms and aesthetics from across the world, presented within a contemporary British context.

ANIMO & Supriya


ANIMO commissioned Supirya to write a new composition for them in 2020. It was to be mainly improvised with only two sections written-out.

Duncan Chapman and Jo Clement

Sound designer and Poet

During their Snape Maltings residency and Festival of New performance, PRANASA had the privilege of collaborating with two unique artists; a poet and a sound artist.